If you find yourself in a difficult family situation and need professional help, you can contact Iben via the contact box to arrange a private Skype consultation. 
Where the book, until now, has contributed a solid introduction for TDW of Parenting, some core Danish values and potential paradigm shift for you and your family, these personal Skype sessions offer you advice in translating this knowledge into practice. How to use the Danish way messages in real life.
It will of course be tailored your specific situation, based on her 20 years of knowledge and experience as a Dane and narrative psychotherapist.
To ensure a good and constructive process, you allocate and pay for 5 sessions of 45 minutes. Payment must be made within the first session, when all the details are agreed and planned.

Online consultations are a modern form of therapy approach, which is rapidly growing. The technology has advanced, making it entirely possible to perform audio-visual consultations without spending any time going to visit a therapist, as I´m just a click away from you. The objectives of online therapy are not just to save time, but also to break the spatial limitations, allowing users to talk with someone who speak their native language, even when they are not in their country, and most importantly, meeting the needs of clients who do not want or are unable to come for consultations because of their condition. These online consultations can now be easily done through my website.

Watch an introductory video to get started.

April 21st 2018 [SOLD OUT]

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April 21st.png
sold out

April 21st 2018 [SOLD OUT]


Location: Copenhagen, Denmark.

Booklet with practical tips, coffee/tea and lunch included – and a little gift.

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