I believe The Danish Way of Parenting is not just a book about how the happiest people in the world raise happy children, it is also a way of living. By implementing some of the tips from the book, you will not only get healthy, well-balanced and happy children, you will also learn how to become a better parent and a better human being.

My heart belongs to those in need - especially children, who doesn't have a voice and if the book can offer a change in perspective for some, I will be a very happy Dane.

– Iben Dissing Sandahl

Iben Sandahl is an internationally renowned public speaker, author, psychotherapist MPF and educator with activities around the globe.

Since 2015 Iben Sandahl has been offering lectures, workshops and counseling to parents and families, public organizations as well as private enterprises.

Her writings has been featured in The Vanity Fair, Huffington Post, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Psychology Today, The Greater Good Science Center Berkley to name a few - and in every National Newspapers in Denmark. Her book The Danish Way of Parenting: what the happiest people in the world know about raising confident, capable kids, is being translated into 25 languages. 

Iben Sandahl has more than 20 years of experienced insight into child psychology and education, which in a most natural way anchor the Danish way of practicing parenthood.

Living and working in Denmark gives her the best possible opportunity to tell about Danish core values and concepts, which are described in the book.

Her main objectives are to inspire, help and support parents and professionals in order to ensure that new generations of children can grow up with a maximum of social- and mental health by offering alternatives to the many violent and abusive ways in which children and youth have been treated in the past as well as in the present.