Everyone around the globe can gain something from the valuable wisdom found in this book. Concepts such as reframing and hygge prove useful to families from all cultures. It’s wonderful to see that Danish parenting has so much in common with Positive Parenting! I highly recommend this book!
— Rebecca Eanes, author of Positive Parenting: An Essential Guide
Having studied the reasons behind the Danish happiness model for years. I found this book to be a clear-sighted, very useful and smart guide on how to improve your own happiness level as a parent and how to foster happier children the Danish way. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to give themselves and/or their children the best chances of a happy life.
— Malene Rydahl, keynote speaker and Goodwill ambassador of Copenhagen
From the moment I met Iben Sandahl, I was impressed by her keen intelligence, professionalism, competence, attention to detail and unpretentious demeanor. My first contact with Iben was when I extended an invitation to deliver a guest lecture based on her co-authored book, The Danish Way of Parenting, for a class that I co-taught as a visiting faculty member at DIS Copenhagen entitled: Child Development: Theory and Practice. Iben is a talented and highly respected author. In The Danish Way of Parenting, she provides American parents an alternative view to parenting practices. With reflective insight from her education, training, private practice and her own experiences as a parent, Iben explains, in very clear language, key parenting concepts backed by research, child development theories, and clinical and anecdotal examples. As such, The Danish Way of Parenting is an accessible and exceptional read that is relevant for a wide audience including parents, educators, individuals who work with children, and anyone who hopes to be a parent someday!
— Kimberly Kopko, Ph.D. Senior Extension Associate Director, Parenting In Context Project Cornell University
If the `grown-ups` of every nation put the principles outlined in The Danish Way into practice even 50 percent of their waking lives, oh, the potential change to humanity…. Sometimes a book has the power to literally re-sculpt the world as we know it, bringing about changes to the next generation which could even make the word war a concept of the dim and distant past. The Danish Way of Parenting really is every adult’s Bible.
— The Glass House Girls
An emotionally smart gem of a book. The Danish Way of Parenting offers a shining alternative to high-stress modern parenting, and families from New Delhi to New York will shout with joy. Forget the pursuit of happiness, this book gets to the authentic roots of family happiness. I guess I’m Danish.
— Heather Shumaker, author of It´s OK Not to Share and It´s OK to Go Up the Slide
Besides being an incredible and highest quality author, Iben Sandahl is also a fantastic speaker. She is extremely collaborative, easily adjusting to the circumstances and instantly connecting to the audience. 
A delightful and inspiring person to work with in every step of the book process.
— Camila Leme, Companhia das Letras, Brazilian publisher of The Danish way of parenting
Getting into the philosophy of Hygge and “The Danish way of Parenting” made me stop to reflect on my life and what my purpose in this world is. After meeting you and spending some time experiencing Danish culture, I learned so much and I see that it is now impossible to go back to the way it was. Thank you for being such a source of light and inspiration for the world!
— Aline Basso, Brazil
It was such a blessing to meet you, and you impacted my life in the greatest of ways. You are so inspiring, strong and wonderful. Your outlook on life is beautiful and I am touched by the work you do in other people’s lives.
— Anya Snider, Canada
The book “The Danish way of parenting” has awakened something really good in my life - a feeling of doing something right, no matter what or how. Wanting to make my home a place where my children will feel heard, seen and safe. That they now can carry with them, the certainty of being loved.
Meeting you Iben and having that precious time to listen to you was something I will never forget.
A special moment that made me grow as a professional, mother and person! I will never forget your speech: “When you do what you love, success is a consequence”. It was clear in the way you talked, the way you behaved, and how you received us - that you LOVE what you do!
Congratulations for your beautiful work ... It was a great pleasure to meet you ... You make a big difference in the world.
— Dayana Meister
I left the workshop with a much more active listening. I wish I could put into words the channel that opened in my mind after your very giving and amazing speech, but there’s no words to express my gratitude. You bring everything with thoroughness and mastery learning. Thank you for this opportunity!
— Orjana Oliveira
It is difficult to put in a text so much learning after participating in your workshop. We will try to summarize some key points, but we want to empathize that the experience of being in Denmark and hearing a narrative from you; full of essence and love was indescribable.
– To know your story and that the book wasn´t your business goal, but a passion for helping children was striking for us. To know your journey as a mother and educator explains the book´s essence of love.
- Demystifying the use of new technologies as something to be in the discussion of our homes. Go along with our children in this new world will bring us closer to them. The world is big but still small!
- The responsibility of managing children’s lives is our own.

Finally, the key points of listening to our children, give them confidence, how to strengthen our values and provide security and a safe space to them, were breathtaking. Cross the bridge! Visit the other’s world to understand! Have empathy!
As said, many points could be reported, but these were the ones that caught our attention the most.
During our visit in the school and walking on the streets, we could see that all the points raised in your talk really are part of a solid culture bringing the Danish people the title of the happiest people in the world!
— Anna Carolina and Tia Glorinha, Umbrella School
Clear messages, a lot of energy, a lot of life experience, a lot of love and a lot of sparks in everything Iben has to say. And what are we without it? What are we without the sparks? Thank you, Iben
— Natalija from Slovenia
Thank you Iben for valuable knowledge that you have given to me in the past 3 days. I must say that you posses a lot of knowledge, you have a pure heart and are a great host. Can’t wait for your new book.
— Msc. Maja Puctzj
I couldn’t find a better person for telling me about the Danish school system. It can be seen that Iben is setting high standards in her work and that she is loyal to her values. That makes her professional, transparent and authentic.
— Sanela Talic, Inštitut za raziskave in razvoj "Utrip", Slovenia
I am very happy that I met such a warm person. I think that Iben was a great teacher who gave me a lot of knowledge. The most important thing that I bring with me is that we should always meet children with respect and remember being human. When I listened to Iben, I said: ‘Yes, this woman is great.
— Alenka, Principal from Slovenia
Iben Sandahl’s work is truly a gift to all parents and families and those who work with them. Her writing is a perfect blend of research, experience, and applicability making it easily accessible for any reader. Her passion and dedication to her work comes through in all she does and it is a pleasure to know and learn from her.
— - Amanda Hardy Hillman, PhD, LPC